Oakenmist Renaissance Faire


A Renaissance Hamlet's Annual Faire

August 17, 2024  10am to 6pm

Howard County Fairgrounds
2210 Fairgrounds Rd, West Friendship, Maryland

Hear ye, hear ye!  

Welcome to the hamlet of Oakenmist’s Renaissance Faire, complete with local demonstrations, performances and a marketplace from the time of yore!  

We are in a covered, air-conditioned (if need be) facility – we shall proceed raineth or shine!  If the weather be nice, some of our activities and vendors may be outdoors.

We’ll have martial (fighting) exhibitions, along with educational displays and period-appropriate denizens – Renaissance period dancing, artisan exhibitors demonstrating skills such as illumination (calligraphy), embroidery and weaving, gameplaying, metalworking, and music.

There are numerous performers scheduled, including those from distant Renaissance events, as well as those from our faire last year.

With a focus on small businesses, we are hosting more than 50 vendors of handmade medieval products, fortunetellers,  facepainters, a bakery and many others!   A pack of  Irish Wolfhounds are also expected to attend!

Tickets go on sale at the middle of June.  $10 per person (prior to the event), 12 and under are free – but still need a ticket.   As a single-day event, we recognize that inclement weather can have a significant effect on our success, and a single poor result could sink us in the long term; as a result, we’ve chosen to have an indoor event with all the benefits thereof.